Vosper-Thornycroft VT-2

Vosper-Thornycroft VT-2

Formed in 1966 as a result of a merger between Vosper Ltd. and John Thornycroft & Co Ltd., both manufacturers of high speed boats, the Vosper Thornycroft Group were responsible for the creation of several types of hovercraft, including the VT-1, VT-2 and Fast Patrol boats. Their original craft, the VT-1 was not amphibious as it was thrusted by means of a water propeller. However, this was revised in the VT-2 and changed to two air-ducted propellers, allowing full amphibious capabilities. The only VT-2 produced went to the Royal Navy, and is shown in the photos below.

Vosper Thornycroft still exists today as a major UK-based shipbuilding company, dealing primarily with naval contracts. Vosper Thornycroft became a subdivision of British Shipbuilders following the nationalisation of the British ship building industry in 1974, however continued to provide ships and upgrades to the Ministry of Defence and international customers. In 2003, Vosper Thornycroft moved their production yard from Woolston, UK to Portsmouth, creating one of the then most modern and advanced shipyards in the world. They existed up until recently as a large corporation, VT Plc., but have now ceased to exist under that now (now see Babcock Intl. Group Plc.) . [Battleships-Cruisers, 2008; Barton, 2008b]. The VT-2 was eventually purchased by Hoverspeed for use as spares in their SRN4 craft, and was eventually broken up at the then disused Pegwell Bay hoverport (Hovercraft Museum, 2011). Photos of the VT-2 being scrapped can be found at http://www.hovercraft-museum.org/vt2scrap.html .

Performance specifications for VT-2 hovercraft

Source: Barton, 2008b



Length (m) 30.18
Beam (m) 13.26
Rated cruise speed (kts) 60
Propulsion Engines 2 x Rolls-Royce Marine Proteus Gas Turbines
Engine power (kW) 2,833

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