Search and Rescue Osprey 5 - Gosport::

Search and Rescue Osprey 5 - Gosport

Search and Rescue Osprey 5 - Gosport

Association of Search and Rescue Hovercraft (Gosport Branch)'s Osprey 5

The Association of Search and Rescue Hovercraft (Gosport Branch) formed in 2005 as a seperate entity from the then ASRH, and is run by a small group of volunteers who have come together and raised enough money to buy a rescue hovercraft, saving lives of people when boats can't get to them, for example people stranded on mud flats. The craft can also be used inland during flooding, where the water is too shallow for boats to operate. ASRH craft helped during the flooding at Wraysbury in 2003. ASRH(GB) is currently based at the Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire.

Any donations are always welcome and are very helpful to the ASRH(GB) cause. If you are interested in donating, please Contact the ASRH(GB).

Performance specifications for the Osprey 5 hovercraft

Source: Hiseman, 2009; ASRH(GB), 2009

Feature Specification
Length (m) -
Beam (m) -
Hoverheight (m)


Max. speed (m) -
Max. crew (no. people) 4
Powerplant 1.8l, 16v Vauxhall Vectra (car) engine
Propeller duct diameter (m) 1.2

The following images are from the ASRH(GB)'s website gallery, with permission from webmaster Rob Hiseman.

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