Frequently Asked Questions & Special Requests

Frequently Asked Questions & Special Requests

From time to time I emails asking me to help with a range of different topics. I can't answer everything, so this page is dedicated to the requests for help that I can't provide. As statistically by viewing this page you're a person with a background in hovercraft, I'm hoping you may be able to help your fellow site visitors with their queries! If you can and you'd like to help, please fill out the Contact Form, your information and time is much appreciated!!

In the meantime, please also have a look at Alex Olshove's Hovercraft FAQ.

Re: BHC Promotional Leaflet (link)

On the BHC brochure, are there any more pages explaining the processes etc... (the complete document), could you email me a PDF similar to that of the other docs on the site?

Re: VA-3 at Rhyl, use in the Royal Navy

I had heard the stories that it was used by the Royal Navy for Mine Testing but I read somewhere that it proved impervious to mines and eventually had to be scuttled? On one occasion I contacted Navy News about this and they were unable to find any reference to the VA3 in Navy service at all! Is this an apocryphal story or have you actually found evidence that it was blown up during these trials? I would be very interested to know.

Re: SRN4 damaged skirt landed in Joss Bay, North Kent

[I] have vivid memories of the time 1 of the Hoverlloyd crafts I think had an accident in bad weather, and the passengers had to disembark at Joss Bay beach (Broadstairs). The craft, I can't remember which 1, then limped around the coast to Broadstairs main sands (Viking Bay), where it sat overnight until it was towed back to Ramsgate the following day. Do you remember this or have any photos of it?? I can remember it now on the local TV news & it must have made the local paper, but can find no trace of it!

Other requests:

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