Hovercraft-Related Products

Hovercraft-Related Products

This is a section dedicated to making companies known who sell hovercraft related products, whether they be models to trial flights to racing vouchers. List your website with a description of your company and link to your website from just £10 by PayPal or cheque (see Below).

On a Cushion of Air

Fantastic book all about the history of Hoverlloyd, Seaspeed, Saunders-Roe and of course the cross-channel SRN4s. Authored by Robin Paine and Roger Syms, both ex-captains with Hoverlloyd in the 1970s.

Hovercraft Rental

We offer rental periods hourly - daily or weekly with our promise of a rapid response and reliable service. We can also put together a tailored program specific to your ideas and requests. Examples of our corporate experiences include Company Outings - Group Events - Birthdays - Weddings - Anniversaries - Valentines - or whatever you so desire! Based in North Wales, UK. See article from North, Mid-Wales and Borders Living, 2007 (PDF).

Hoverdays - Come Fly With Us!

Our aim is to provide you with the best day out you have had in a long time, whether you are part of a stag or hen party, team building day or here on your own with a gift voucher. If you are looking for unusual things to do or have always fancied doing one of our other outdoor activities, then Hoverdays is the place for you.

Hovercraft Racing - Fancy hovercraft racing with 3 times UK champion?

Hovercraft racing is a sport that has been around for a long time without getting much notice. Whilst there are National, European and World hovercraft racing meets, there are very few places where people like you can try hovercraft racing in a relaxed, fun way. Like all motor sports, hovercraft racing can be exhilarating, competitive, challenging but most of all, great fun and Lee Willars, 3 times UK hovercraft racing champion will teach you all you need to know at his venue near Nottingham.

Hovercraft Scotland

Hovercraft experiences and gift vouchers for hovercraft rides at Strathaven Airfield in Scotland. With our hovercraft experiences you fly your own personal hovercraft. And with our expert tuition, you experience the excitement fast!

Michael Gardner's Paper Hovercraft

Hovercraft Drawings by Michael Gardner. Classic designs immortalised in high quality prints. See gallery for examples.

Peter Mugridge's eBay Page

Includes hover-gen.com domain and Hover-Gen web discussion Yahoo! Group.

WOW Activity Gifts: Hovercraft Gift Vouchers

WOW Activity Gifts was created in November 2003 by Last Night Ltd to provide top quality Activity Gifts. Race a Hovercraft in beautiful Berkshire. Reach speeds up to 50mph. Test your steady nerve and skills on land and water! info@wowactivitygifts.com

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