Images from The Hovercraft Museum

Images from The Hovercraft Museum

The following pages contain over 3,000 images, kindly allowed to be put on this site by the Hovercraft Museum Trust (

  • Developing the AP1-88

    Developing the AP1-88

    The British Hovercraft Corporation AP1-88, including conceptual roles, scale models and sea trials, plus lifeboat testing.

  • AP1-88 in Service

    AP1-88 in Service

    In service with Hovertravel, Hoverwest, Scandinavian SAS

  • Bell Hovercraft

    Bell Hovercraft

    The craft of Bell hovercraft, including the Viking and Voyageur

  • The BHC BH-7

    The BHC BH-7

    The BH7, including technical drawings, in service with the Royal Navy, various marks of the craft, and its move to The Hovercraft Museum

  • BHC Concepts

    BHC Concepts

    The various craft, some existing and some purely theoretical, of the British Hovercraft Corporation

  • The SRN1

    The SRN1

    From concept diagrams through to the first hovercraft flight across the English Channel

  • The SRN2

    The SRN2

    Diagrams and its brief spell in service as a passenger hovercraft

  • The SRN3

    The SRN3

    Diagrams, construction and its time in passenger service

  • The SRN4 in development

    The SRN4's development days

    Including its conceptual roles (e.g. Military service) and systems diagrams, various marks and the prototypes, and key times in its history

  • The SRN4 in service

    Specific SRN4 hovercraft

    A pictorial history through the lives of The Princess Margaret, The Princess Anne, Swift, Sure, Sir Christopher and The Prince of Wales hovercraft

  • The SRN5

    The SRN5

    Including its development at Cowes (Isle of Wight) under the British Hovercraft Corporation, and its use as a military vehicle, in the Tropics, in the USA, with the Canadian Coastguard, and as a passenger ferry.

  • The SRN6

    The SRN6

    Diagrams, its building, use with the Canadian Coastguard, passenger services with Clyde Hoverferries, Hoverlloyd, Hovertravel, Seaspeed, Townsend, and use in the military and industry.

  • Cushioncraft hovercraft

    Cushioncraft Hovercraft

    The CC1, CC2, CC4, CC5, CC6, CC7 and concepts of hovercraft terminals by Cushioncraft

  • Denny Hovercraft

    Denny Hovercraft

    The Denny D1 and Denny D2 hovercraft, including layout diagrams of the D2

  • Griffon Hovercraft

    Griffon Hovercraft

    Some craft by Griffon (now Griffon Hoverwork) including the launch of the Griffon 3000

  • Hoverhawk hovercraft

    Hoverhawk HA5 Hovercraft

    The Hoverhawk HA5 in operation and at the Hovercraft Museum

  • Hoverdevelopment Hovercraft

    Hoverdevelopment Hovercraft

    The hoverdevelopment HD1 and HD2, including the latter at The Hovercraft Museum

  • Military Hovercraft

    Military Hovercraft

    The Bora surface effect ship, Gus, Lebed, LCAC and Royal Navy hovercraft including the Vosper Thornycroft VT2

  • Russian hovercraft

    Russian Military Hovercraft

    Including the Aist, Dophin, Raduga, Ryis, Tsaplya, Utenok D3 and the biggest hovercraft in the world, the Zubr class

  • SEDAM hovercraft

    SEDAM Hovercraft

    French manufacturer SEDAM's N10, N300 and the (in?)famous N500 Naviplane

  • Vickers hovercraft

    Vickers Hovercraft

    The hovercraft of Vickers, including the HLR, VA1, VA2, VA3, VA3b and conceptual VA4

  • Vosper Thornycroft hovercraft

    Vosper-Thornycroft Hovercraft

    Concepts and real hovercraft (VT1, VT2) of Vosper Thornycroft

  • Various hovercraft manufacturers

    Other hovercraft manufacturers

    Hovercraft by Ford, Irbis, and models such as the Lubricat, Midget and Winfield, also the Tiger 12 and Skima craft

  • Hovershow 2004

    2004 Hovershow

    Hovercraft at the 2004 hovershow at the Hovercraft Museum in Gosport, at the HMS Daedalus site

  • Terminals and some theory

    Hovercraft Terminals and Theory

    Boulogne, Calais, Dover and Pegwell Bay hoverport, the great man Sir Christopher Cockerell, and some diagrams about sidewalls and skirts