BHC SRN4 Promotional Leaflet::

BHC SRN4 Promotional Leaflet

BHC SRN4 Promotional Leaflet

Scanned and sent by Peter Insole, this BHC brochure shows the SRN4 Mk III (Super-4) in construction, as a result of the stretching of the SRN4 Mk II's The Princess Anne and The Princess Margaret. The rest is self explanatory in the scans.

Help out: If anyone has a contact for Mr. Insole, or has a copy of this brochure they wouldn't mind sending me in full, please Contact Me ! Thank you.

Aerospace and Hovercraft Manufacture

   The Company's integrated design, development, research and high technology manufacturing facilities make it ideally suited for the poroduction of aerospace components and sub-assemblies. Materials and techniques employed include carbon fibres, composites, close tolerance G.R.P. assemblies, metal-to-metal bonding, precision machining and flexible structures. Associated services such as heat treatments, plating and protective coatings are part of the aerospace facilities totalling over 250,000 square feet of floor area. Special bonding processes are undertaken in a 'clean' area of 15,000 square feet.
    A special feature of the factory is the large autoclave which enables hovercraft flexible skirts to be moulded in large sections, so reducting the work and floor space involved in riveting, bolting and stapling individual segments. Mouldings are manufactures in a special Development Department, floor area 3,000 square feet.


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