BHT-130 Ryde/Southsea Video

BHT-130 Ryde/Southsea Video

In March 2009 I took my camera on a return trip to Ryde, on the Isle of Wight by hovercraft from Southsea (Portsmouth), the oldest hovercraft route in the world. Hovertravel operates the 10-minute route every half an hour in lull times, and more frequently at peak times. They use two types of craft, the BHC/Hoverwork AP1-88 and the newer Hoverwork BHT-130. This video page accompanies the BHT-130 gallery and information page.

Sorry about the less-than-ideal video quality, these were filmed using a digital camera, but I thought I'd put them online anyway!

Video 1:

Arriving at Portsmouth in crosswinds; Departing (on-board) from Southsea; Arrival (on-board) at Ryde; Arrival (viewed from land) at Ryde.

Video 2:

Departure (from land) from Ryde; On-board departure to Southsea; Departure (from land) to Ryde.

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