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Hoverwork BHT-130 (British Hovercraft Technology-130)

Hoverwork BHT-130 (British Hovercraft Technology-130)

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Designed and built by Hoverwork Ltd., UK, the BHT-130 is the modern successor in their line of craft to the widely used BHC/Hoverwork AP1-88. Using many of the design principles of the AP1-88 (centre, elevated cockpit, bilateral bow thrusters, ducted rear propellers and more) the BHT-130 provides a quieter, smoother ride than its predecessor, and increased capacity for both passengers or freight (in its "Well-Deck" variation) [Hoverwork, 2009].

Hovertravel currently use AP1-88's and the BHT-130 craft on their 10-minute Southsea to Ryde route from the British mainland to the Isle of Wight.

Performance specifications for Hoverwork BHT-130

Source: Hoverwork, 2009



Length (m) 29.3
Beam (m) 15
Hull Length (m) 27.5
Hull Beam (m) 11.8
Service Speed (kts) 45
Max. wave height (m) 3
Engines 4x DDC/MTU turbo-diesel engines
Propulsion 2x 3.5m diameter 5-blade propellers within 4.5m ducts
Steering Rudders on rear ducts accompanied by bilateral, lift-air-driven 360° rotating bow thrusters
Max. Passengers 133
Skirt type Bag and finger

BHT-130 on the Solent

Video used with permission from YouTube user UKWMO (YouTube channel)

Onboard and external shots (March 2009).

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