Trip on the Vickers VA-3

Trip on the Vickers VA-3

by Robin Lloyd-Jones

"I would have been just 13 at the time and I remember the day well. My mum and I travelled from Wallasey to Rhyl and returned on the train (We lived in Liverpool).

There was a survey form we had to fill in during the journey. I gave everything full marks so enamoured was I with this new method of transport. That included the 'comfort' question. As you probably know, the VA3 had a metal skirt so whenever we hit a small wave, there was a significant jolt. I just ignored that though!

I'm also including a scan of the certificate I got (my parents got the name filled in later - it was just blank as I received it) and the actual photo I took of the hovercraft as it arrived before we boarded. I guess the certificate must have been paid for or sponsored by BP, as they geta mention, curiously."

Also sent by Mr Lloyd-Jones is a promotional leaflet by British United Airways.


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