BHC SRN5 'Warden' Class

BHC SRN5 'Warden' Class

Initially developed, trialled and manufactured from 1963 by Westland in parallel to the SRN6, the SRN5 is a smaller, less powerful version of the single-engine version of its sister model, and is virtually identical in design (Barton, 2006), the only notable difference being, on some craft, due to their smaller length, a lack of the sideways directional control "puff ports" that you can see on the SRN6.

See SRN6 for more information.

Performance specifications for SRN5 hovercraft

Source: Hovercraft Museum, 2007; Barton, 2006

Feature Specification
Length (m) 11.81
Beam (m) 7.01
Cruise speed (kts) 33
Max speed (kts) 40
Main Engine Rolls Royce Gnome Turboshaft
Main Engine Power (kW) 671
Passenger capacity [crew] 18 [2]

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