Air Vehicles Tiger 12

Air Vehicles Tiger 12

Manufactured in 1975 by Air Vehicles on the Isle of Wight, Tiger 12 is on the of the quietest hovercraft ever manufactured, emitting a pleasant 62dB at full power. Tiger 12 is a slightly different design to the classic hovercraft, featuring a permanently inflated upper skirt section (similar to the Pindair Skima 12) for rigidity and buoyancy, and a lower section inflated by air from the lift fan. The first Tiger 12 began operations in 1975 in the UK, North America and Africa, specified to carry 2 crew and 10 passengers [Freelancermap, 2007].

The craft operated by Hovercraft Rentals is a renovated Tiger 12 originally manufactured in 1980. It has been fitted with the latest safety equipment and fully complies with all tourist passenger EU regulations. It is the only service in the UK of this type, and possibly the EU. For more information on Hovercraft Rentals' service and more details of the craft visit and

Performance specifications for Tiger 12 hovercraft

Source: Pelicanparts, 2007; HCGB, 2007; HovercraftRental, 2007



Length (m) 8.53
Beam (m) 3.81
Height (hovering) (m) 3.57
Height (landed) (m) 3.11
Rated cruise speed (kts) 35
Top speed (kts) 56
Max payload (kg) 998
Max range (Nmi) 435
Propulsion Engine Chrysler/AMC 5.9-litre V8
Engine power (kW) 185
No. of Passengers [& original] 10 [12] (incl. 2 crewmembers)
Hull details Rigid superstructure with permanently inflatable upper bag skirt
Lift system Centrifugal lift fan situated on main drive shaft behind passenger cabin, vertical orientation transverse to direction of flight.
Steering system Rudders mounted aft of ducted main fan
Peak wave height (m) 1.5
Operational wind force limit (Beaufort) 4

The photos on this page have been kindly sent by J. G. Roberts and ©2008 Hovercraft Rental

Tiger 12 at the 2009 Hovercraft Museum Hovershow, at HMS Daedalus

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