Westland Aerospace/British Hovercraft Corp. SRN3

Westland Aerospace/British Hovercraft Corp. SRN3

First flown 1963, and prided at the time for being the world's largest hovercraft, the SRN3 was developed for use as a military high-speed, amphibious, load carrying vehicle, and as a military patrol boat with the capability to lower two water screws driven by their own power units, for accurate low-speed manoevering. The SRN3 was extensively trialled by the British Inter-Service Hovercraft Trials unit for its amphibious and over-water roles (Hovercraft Museum, 2007c; BHC Publication, available from The Hovercraft Museum).

Performance specifications for the SRN2 hovercraft

Source: Barton, 2004



Length (m) 23.47
Beam (m) 9.30
Height (on ground-handling wheels) (m) 9.75
Max obstacle clearance (m) 1.07
Max ditch crossing (m) 6.09
Max speed @ MAUW (kts) 70
Max endurance @ MAUW (hrs) 9.5
Engines 4x Bristol Siddeley marine "Gnome" engines (2 lift, 2 thrust); 2x Rover gas turbines driving retractable marine screws
Power (kW) 671 (Bristol Siddely Gnome); 111 (Rover)
Maximum all-up weight (tons) 37
Crew 4

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