SRN4: The Ship That Could Fly. A DVD by Nicholas Smith

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My name is Nick Smith and between 1977 and 1986 I worked with both Hoverlloyd and Hoverspeed and became fascinated with hovercraft in general, and with our massive cross-channel machines in particular. Many of the people working at the hovercraft companies felt the same, we were aware that we were dealing with a unique piece of engineering in a pioneering field. Our passengers also loved the machines, both for their speed, but also they enjoyed the unique experience of 'Flying the Channel'.

Even after leaving, I maintained my interest and used to think 'Someone should make a film about that'. In 1995 I decided that I would do it - and there started a huge amount of work and a very long story to the film's eventual completion in late 2008.

I hope the resulting film does justice both to the story of the craft, and to the many and various people connected with it who gave so willingly of their time in making the film what it is. I am very grateful to you all.

This film tells the story of the SRN4, the history leading up to its creation, the design challenges and achievements, and the teams of people who made it possible. During 1995 and 1996, with help from its operators and many of those who had been involved in the project, extensive filming was carried out showing the SRN4 in operation. Included is footage filmed at the hoverports and on board the hovercraft, including on the flight deck. We also show behind the scenes sequences of how the craft work and how they are maintained.

Interviews are featured with a number of key people who were involved in designing, building, testing, flying and maintaining the SRN4. Archive film and photography illustrates the earlier phases of the story.

Overall the film provides a comprehensive collection of material telling the story of the SRN4 throughout its long life.

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