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Hover Tour StartThis site is dedicated to hovercraft of past and present, the history of the hovercraft, and a bit about how hovercraft work and what their various parts do. As you browse around, use the navigation bar above, or take the Hovercraft Tour (above) for a wander through the ages of hovercraft, you can click on small images to bring up a proper, zoomed-in version. Wherever a reference is used within the site the source is cited, e.g., [Rowson, 2006] and its corresponding publication details are in the Bibliography.

This site is kept alive by the kind contributions of visitors, and as such I am always looking for anyone with new content to come forward. If you have anything you think could be worthwhile adding to the site, that is any experiences you've had of the hovercraft, or any photos or videos you'd like to "donate", or your model hovercraft construction stories/photos, I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me through the Contact Form.

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Latest Updates

SRN6 stranded in the arctic

Photographs from Canada

Paul Brett, a hovercraft engineer with Hovertravel and then in Canada with the arctic Northern Transportation Company Ltd., and then the Canadian Coastguard has kindly sent me some incredible photographs of his time working with the SRN6s and AP1-88s so close to the arctic circle.



1977/1978. SRN4 "Sure" hit a log in the English Channel and was forced to divert to Broadstairs with 30ft of cushion missing (starboard rear corner). This picture was taken at 6.30 am when, having refuelled, she finally crawled the short distance back to Pegwell Bay for repairs and return to service, her starboard rear corner barely off the ground. Mark Rushton.

Steam Boat Willy

Steam Boat Willy

This is the world's first Human Powered hovercraft, a project by University College London. Here seen at the Hovercraft Museum's August 2011 open day.

BAA Hoverguard 80 at Hovercraft Museum, 2011

BAA Heathrow Fire Service's Hoverguard 80

BAA Heathrow Fire Department's old Hoverguard 80 craft, now at the Hovercraft Museum

Model Hovercraft

Model Hovercraft

The Model Hovercraft Association (GB) was present at the 2011 August open day of the Hovercraft Museum

SRN2 landed at Southsea

SRN2 in 1964

SRN2 in operations with Hovertransport, Ltd., between 1963 and 1964 between Eastney (near Southsea) and Ryde. E Dunn/H Mabel Smith.

Concorde G-BOAG taking off from London Heathrow Airport


The last commercial flights of the supersonic jetliner Concorde were on the 24th October 2003. To commemorate these and the history of Concorde, a great feat of engineering and a beautiful aircraft, the JHS Concorde Site was set up, and has just been given a facelift in the style of James' Hovercraft Site!

Vickers VA-3

Vickers VA-3

Mr Lloyd-Jones kindly sent me material from his trip on the Vickers VA-3, the "World's First Hovercoach" between Wallasey and Rhyl in 1962, includes a certificate of taking a flight with British United Airways, a promotional flyer about the service, and a photograph of the craft in action on the beach.

VT-2 undergoing maintenance

Vosper Thornycroft VT-2

Ernie Dunn, draughtsman at Vosper Thornycroft, Portchester, has sent these photos of the craft during a refit in Jan/Feb 1981.

Tiger 4 with British Antarctic Survey

Tiger 4 with the British Antarctic Survey

Malcolm Hole sends his amazing shots of hovercraft used for work he was involved in from the Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica in 1987 with a team from the BAS, including his recollection of his time there.

SRN1 at Dover

Pat Lawrence's Galleries

Pat kindly sent me tonnes of great photographs of many various hovercraft over many various roles, including the HM-2, SRN's 1 thru 6, and the BH-7. Check out his gallery page for more photos.



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